Meet the Winners of the SalonAddict Looking Good Awards 2012

SalonAddict is delighted to introduce our very first guest blogger, the super talented Yu. She kindly took out time from her own faboulous blog LetsMakeYuUp to tell us a little about each winner from The SalonAddict Looking Good Awards 2012.

As a beauty blogger myself, it really makes me happy when I see companies taking the initiative to recognise the hard work that bloggers and vloggers have contributed to the beauty industry in the past few years! Which is why it is my pleasure completely to tell you a bit more about the winners of the SalonAddict Looking Good Awards 2012.

Best Beauty Blog – Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge | it comes to beauty blogs, you don’t get as professional-looking, but simultaneous helpful, and most importantly, ad-free than Lisa’s blog. Her creative feature ideas, use of a wide range of products and tutorials on everyday wearable looks make her blog widely accessible and such fun to read! If you didn’t already know, Lisa Eldridge is a celebrity make-up artist, and her work features in many editorials and films. Her blog is a great place to admire her work in her Gallery section – not something all of us beauty bloggers can boast! With links to her fantastic video tutorials on top of all of this, there is no question as to Lisa Eldridge’s selection as winner of best beauty blog.

Best Beauty Vlog – Beauty Crush

Beauty Crush | Sammi Maria |

Arguably one of the cutest people you will ever see on YouTube, Sammi’s beauty vlog is a gem, even amongst many other great beauty vloggers. Her laid-back style in delivering her videos, her choice of products which range from high-end to affordable, and her incredibly experienced and well-edited videos make her channel one of those you never want to miss a video from! I think everyone will agree when I say, “Sammi, can I please have your hair, your eyes, and your smile?” It’s no wonder she’s taken the beauty vlogging world by storm, along with this Award – she’s gorgeous, of course we want to know what she’s got up her sleeves!

Best Fashion Blog – LLYMLRS

LLYMLRS | Lily is a girl I think we can all relate to, which makes her fashion blog such a pleasure to read, and a deserved winner for this year’s SalonAddict Looking Good Awards. Her vibrant and artistic photographs and cute songs as blog post titles are unmissable, even in the heap of unread blog posts you could have on Blogger’s Dashboard. Lily features pieces that are easily accessible, affordable and everyday-friendly, and manages to throw them together in a very indie yet cute way. Her regular posting and dedication to her blog makes LLYMLRS a great blog to follow – surely a sign of great things to come from her other outlets, ETC LLYMLRS and her new YouTube channel.

There’s no question about it – these winners were chosen well. All three are incredibly influential names in the growing world of beauty and fashion blogs and vlogs, who inspire and help each and every one of their viewers and readers make better decisions, give us ideas and generally enjoy being the beauty and fashion lovers that we are!

Please join me in congratulating the lovely beauty and fashion blog/vlog winners of the SalonAddict Looking Good Awards 2012

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